Barberino investment marketing

Making the investment case for Barberino

Bringing the Barberino story to life

Completely Creative was appointed by Cushman & Wakefield to create investment marketing materials for Barberino, a large-scale International fashion outlet in a beautiful location to the north of the City of Florence in Tuscany, Italy. The brief was to reflect the high quality of the asset, presenting key information about the investment opportunity. The marketing would make it easy to understand the site’s context in the market, catchment demographics, location, strategic positioning and asset details which were crucial elements to convey to the reader. Our approach to this project is a good example of the process we have developed in action.

Well considered imagery attracts attention

Our aim with imagery is always to showcase an opportunity at its best – by working closely with the client and shaping a clear brief for our photographers we captured beautiful and inspiring images of Barberino that fulfilled the clients expectations.

We ensured Barberino was presented in its best light by enhancing key photography of the scheme to create maximum impact. —

Using video to create impact and convey scale

We often use multiple mediums to help potential buyers understand the scale and scope of an investment opportunity. For Barberino, the bespoke video helped us to convey the look and feel of the scheme, the atmosphere, the types of spaces, footfall and visitor demographics.

Key facts, data and location information are easier to absorb when they're presented in a visually engaging way.

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Readers are able to absorb information much more easily when it is presented in a visual way. Well-considered and clearly drawn bespoke location maps highlight the locational benefits of the investment. Well-annotated and cleverly-styled key facts help to bring key information to life or the reader.

By highlighting the retailer mix in a visuallyengaging way, we help readers to capture the scaleand quality of the retail offering at a glance.

The final result helped to deliver asuccessful sale

The chosen design

The final printed brochure was produced to a high standard using bespoke foil finishes and a soft-touch laminate to evoke a high-quality feel. Inside the brochure we used a lay-flat binding to create uninterrupted brochure spreads, so the content could take centre stage without the spine interrupting the images.

Our process delivers results

In-depth experience gives us insight

We’ve used our breadth of experience in delivering this type of marketing to inform a process which we take our clients thorough on their project. This helps deliver the final work in as quick and seamless a way as possible – wether it’s a single subject or there are multiple requirements at once.

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