New website for BWD, the West Midlands go-to retail property consultancy

Getting to know BWD

Our tried and tested process for creating effective corporate websites starts with ensuring we fully understand our clients and their business. We’ve found the best way to do this is with a face-to face workshop with the key stakeholders.

Facilitating open discussion on the who, what, how and why of a company not only gives us a rock-solid base for our thinking and design work, it also ensures that there is alignment on key issues within the business. Priorities and ambitions inform our approach in many ways from the user journey to the message hierarchy.

From the deep understanding gained from the workshop we generated a brief that give us our strategy; Think Midlands Think BWD. This positioning supported the consultancy’s ambition to be the go-to consultancy in their patch across the West Midlands.

Differentiating BWD's website with a creative concept

Focusing on the power of three

From the knowledge we gained in the workshop we developed 2 concepts, each with a different focus on what the BWD brand is all about.

The first route was a very fresh, youthful and retail-focused concept designed to challenge the market’s perception of BWD.

The second route was inspired by the power of the three hands-on business partners coming together to create a business that is solid and powerful. The look and feel we designed was clean, crisp and contemporary.

After some debate and deliberation the second route was selected.

We employed the use of 3 vertical pillars in the home page design and in the video sequence. We created 9 short clips to support BWD’s credentials.

Why choose video?

Video is now hugely popular on websites. Our research shows that it’s no longer just a nice to have but is essential for any successful site. The many benefits include better ranking on search engines, more time spent on a site (on average, people spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without) and improved conversion rates, to mention just a few.


Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80% — Unbounce

The user journey is our first consideration

Creative use of white space

The finished result is a clean, image-led website with simple navigation providing a clear user journey. Careful consideration was given to the property search pages to ensure properties are easy to search for and the property detail information is displayed in a straightforward user-friendly fashion.

We used white as the background colour to complement the BWD branding. It gives the site a crisp, fresh appearance and allows the reader to focus on the messaging and imagery.

Contact information and calls to action appear throughout the site so visitors can move quickly between browsing and getting in touch.

The site was designed and built with a mobile-first approach and is fully responsive across all devices.

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The website’s property search function is powered by The Completely Group’s powerful property listings site Completely Retail

Property details always kept up to date

The property search is powered by the Completely Retail website. This means that all the property details, particulars, brochures and PDFs are stored on Completely Retail – the UK largest database of shops to let in the UK. The feed allowed BWD to market their properties both on Completely Retail and their corporate website allowing consistency in the marketing of their properties.

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