Rebranding a successful retail property event

Making provision for expansion

As the multiple award-winning event Completely Retail Marketplace developed and expanded into international markets, The Completely Group recognized the need to review and update the branding. The industry-disrupting event is unique within the market, bringing together retailers, agents and landlords together to do deals. The requirement was to maintain the unique position of the event brand but develop it to support the team’s plans for expansion onto an international stage.

CRMP featured in EN magazine as a new disruptor to the market.
Example of the previous identity

Reflecting the event’s dynamic nature

Making our mark

We looked to the character of the event to help and inspire us with the rebrand. The dynamic hands-on nature of the meetings with productive interactive discussions, often around planning materials gave us the starting point for our explorations.

The concept ideas explored a variety of approaches picking up on the active nature of the event. We developed the ‘spirit brush’ as a unifying concept around which we could build the brand. Handmade brush marks as the basis for the brand reflected the active hands-on approach and note-taking in meetings.

The chosen concept used brush-inspired elements and a typeface to create an identity that created a clear distinction for the event within the industry. The identity was rolled out across a whole range of touchpoints from advertising to onsite branding and signage.

Active hands-on meeting helped to inform our thinking.
Reflecting the energy of the event

Creating memorable experiences

The Marketplace format includes a number of activities that take place at the event throughout the day. One of the most popular of these are the ‘Soapbox’ presentations, where up-and-coming retailers present their ideas and requirements in a 3-minute pitch to the assembled crowd. There have also been special developer areas such as ‘London’s calling’ focusing on specific requirements and opportunities.We developed separate branding to help define these activities in their own right.

Bespoke branding for areas within the event.

8,000 plastic bottles

We work closely with the events team to ensure the event is kept fresh and continues to evolve and innovate. One initiative we devised was to partner with the #OneLess campaign, removing all single-use plastic bottles from 2018 in all their events. — Completely Events

A direct mail campaign to promote the event.
Custom fold direct mailer for event launch campaign

Across 25 events Marketplace has attracted over 25,000 attendees

Building visitor engagement

We also reviewed and subsequently revised the format of the event guide – devising a format that was in a magazine style with engaging pieces about retailers exhibiting at or attending the event intermixed with event guide information and indexes. We also incorporated articles which would be relevant and engaging for visitors. We called the new publication One Day; the format was highly successful increasing visitor take-up of the guide.

Continual evolution

Continual evolution

As the Marketplace event has grown across Europe into Prague, Stockholm and Amsterdam, it continues to evolve to meet the needs of property professionals within the retail industry. Every show brings fresh design challenges with new features and requirements. We plan on turning our attention to a new event website in the near future.