A magazine-style annual review celebrating success

Definitely not corporate

Argent LLP approached Completely Creative having been impressed with our very own Different magazine. Steve Alderson, Marketing Director, wanted to share and celebrate the business’s achievements over the last year with staff and potential stakeholders. Having conducted a series of interviews with many people within the business, his overall objective for this piece of work was to celebrate how their teams had delivered across all their projects.

The mood of the piece needed to be easily accessible, and definitely NOT corporate. The recipients should want to spend time reading in-depth articles or pick-up and put-down and cherry pick juicy facts and stats, whilst also getting a flavour and tone of how Argent conduct themselves.

Initially, this document was going to be managed in-house, but it soon became clear that it needed a strong level of creative direction and account management as there was a very specific timeline to deliver this document. This gave us a very challenging turnaround time of eight weeks to develop creative, print and deliver a 74- page magazine.

Thread sewn detail to the binding created a handmade feel.
Bringing juicy facts to life!
The magazine was defined by 6 sections.

Defining our approach

Physically, it was agreed that the printed piece should reflect magazines with a soft cover and the client already had a proposed name for it, Purpose; which we all agreed gave it a dynamic energy. The images should stand off the page and be vibrant and unusual and illustrations would be engaging and easily understood.

Purpose magazine would be available to visitors in reception areas of Argent’s offices and every member of the staff would receive a copy.

85% of Argent’s employees said they would pick it up and read it again

We create bespoke typographic headlines for each story

Each story is unique

The creative challenge here was to bring together a number of different stories based around 6 key areas – what Argent defined as their ‘Principles for Responsible Development’. The individual stories themselves also had to be engaging and digestible within their own right.

We created a bespoke colour palette to give each principle its own special feel and distinct identity – and they formed the sections of the magazine. We gave each story its own identity – achieving this through bespoke heading typography to set the tone for the story and bespoke illustrations to help bring the story to life and create visual stories.

Yunus Shaikh, Creative Director comments “The final result works as a whole and also expresses each story individually through the bespoke photography, illustration and custom typography. Together they convey a personality that reflects Argent and the people who work there.”

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